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According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the most common reason an individual has contact with the police is a traffic stop. In the United States, over forty million traffic tickets are issued annually. An average of 112,000 people are cited with a traffic ticket each and every day, costing on average around $150.00 (but can be much more depending on the type and severity of the ticket). Which means that every second, someone in the United States is being issued a ticket for a traffic violation. Speeding tickets generate the country anywhere from $3.8 billion to $5.4 billion a year in revenue.

You have probably asked yourself, “Who gets the most traffic tickets? Men or women? Young or old? What profession receives the most traffic tickets?” Perhaps the automatic conclusion is that the crown for most tickets goes to teenage drivers or perhaps young men, as both are often perceived as inexperienced or crazy drivers.

Wrong! Interestingly enough, statistics point to adult drivers in their thirties and forties as receiving the most traffic ticket citations. Furthermore, those who earn more than the median income are also significantly more likely to be ticketed. For example, doctors receive more speeding tickets than any other profession. However, as you probably guessed correctly, men do receive more tickets than women, receiving over sixty percent (60%) of tickets. However, women are more likely to contest their speeding tickets.

Further, the color of car that receives the most traffic tickets is white, taking nineteen percent (19%) of all tickets. Red cars are right behind, receiving about seventeen percent (17%) of the tickets. And if you are driving a convertible, beware! Statistics say that those driving a convertible are four times more likely to be ticketed than a driver of a non-convertible.

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