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Have you received a reckless driving traffic citation? It is a common mistake to discount a reckless driving charge as a typical traffic ticket. A reckless driving charge in the state of Oklahoma is a criminal charge and is considered a misdemeanor.

Penalties of Reckless Driving

The consequences of a conviction of reckless driving can be dire. Potential penalties include:

  • First offense. The first reckless driving conviction is punishable by five (5) to ninety (90) days imprisonment and/or by a fine between $100.00 and $500.00.

  • Second or Subsequent Offense. A second or subsequent reckless driving conviction is punishable by imprisonment between ten (10) days and six (6) months and/or by a fine between $150.00 and $1,000.00.

  • Further, all drivers convicted of reckless driving must pay a “penalty assessment” of $155.00.

Additionally, a conviction of reckless driving will also add four (4) points to one’s driving record. Accumulating ten (10) or more points in a five (5) year period will result in license suspension. Moreover, a reckless driving conviction will likely cause one’s auto insurance premiums to increase substantially, affecting one’s insurance for up to three (3) years.

What is Reckless Driving?

Under Oklahoma law, pursuant to 47 O.S. §11-90(A), reckless driving is defined as:

It shall be deemed reckless driving for any person to drive a motor vehicle in a careless or wanton manner without regard for the safety of persons or property or in violation of the conditions outlined in Section 11-801 of this title.

Reckless driving has two (2) essential elements. First, it must be shown that the driver was driving in a “careless or wanton manner.” Second, it must be proved that the driver was driving without “regard for the safety of persons or property,” or in violation of Oklahoma’s speeding laws. Put another way, an individual who drives dangerously or violates the speed limit, and is at least negligent in doing so, can be convicted of reckless driving. The acts and conduct of the driver will be judged by an objective reasonable-and-prudent-person standard, meaning that it only needs to be shown that a reasonable and prudent person would not have behaved in such a manner.

You have options.

The penalties and consequences of a reckless driving conviction can be very serious and have long-lasting consequences, impacting your driving record, finances and freedom. OK Traffic Ticket Defense has had great success in defending clients in traffic-related offenses, achieving dismissals, fine reductions, and so forth. If you have received a reckless driving traffic ticket or any other traffic violation in Oklahoma, contact OK Traffic Ticket Defense today. Upload your ticket, message us or call us to discuss your situation at no charge.