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A Few Tips on How to Fight a Traffic Ticket

Just because you have just been ticketed, your fate is not sealed. In fact, it does not necessarily mean that you even have to pay the citation. In the event that you successfully contest your traffic violation, the ticket would be dismissed, and you would pay nothing to the state or city.

Here are a few tips as to how you can fight your traffic violation:

Show that your conduct was necessary to avoid harm. An emergency that is not of your own creation could be considered a “legal necessity.” An illustration would be speeding over of the speed limit in order to avoid an out-of-control vehicle. In such instance, showing legal necessity could prove to be a valid defense to your speeding violation. Essential to this argument, is showing that you had no option but to violate the law in order to avoid immediate and serious danger to yourself and others.

Challenge the police officer’s subjective conclusion. You can challenge the law enforcement officer’s view of what happened during the time of the alleged violation. In the event that it is established that the officer was not in a good location to accurately view the offense, or perhaps that the officer was preoccupied with other matters, you can cast doubt on the validity of the allegation.

Challenge the police officer’s observations. You can also challenge the validity of the officer’s rendition of what occurred. Typically, law enforcement officers receive the benefit of the doubt, however, you can establish doubt as to the officer’s perception of the incident by introducing evidence such as witness statements, photographs of the area, dash cam footage, and so on, strengthening your argument that you did not commit the alleged traffic violation.

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